Technical Track

  • An Easy Way to Learn About Planned Giving

Speaker: Deborah Kaplan Polivy

The alphabet of planned giving — CRAT, CRUT, CGA, DAF, CLAT — can be confusing for both new and veteran development officers. Moreover, even if these tools are understood by the professionals, it is extraordinarily difficult to describe them to lay people — boards of directors, prospects and donors. This session will provide an easy way to differentiate between all of these giving vehicles, annual contributions as well as outright endowment gifts using an interactive workshop. "Fake" assets — cash, appreciated stock, IRA, real estate, life insurance, antiques and a notarized will — will be distributed to participants who will have the opportunity to act as donors by not only contributing these items but selecting the gift mechanism of their choice — outright, future or income producing. For those who choose the latter, they will receive fake checks in return. Those who opt to make endowment contributions will even have the opportunity to "name" their newly established funds! Various scenarios based on age and income will also be included. The session will provide newcomers to the field an easy to understand introduction to the tools and techniques of planned giving and will provide all participants with a model that they can replicate in order to educate their own stakeholders.

  • Discerning Donor Motivations & Integrating them in PG Proposals

Speaker: Marc Littlecott

The presentation teaches how to ask questions of donors that reveal their specific motivation-type based on the 1994 Prince/File study identifying 7 specific donor-motivations, or types. Using a helpful reference chart developed by the presenter, it also covers which words and phrases both to use, and perhaps not to use with donors, when discussing and proposing a major/planned gift.

  • Creative CRUTs — Real Estate, Art, Collectibles, IRAs — Common Issues and Solutions

Speaker: Phil Buchanan, Paul Caspersen

This session will provide a brief primer on charitable remainder trusts, with an emphasis on uses of flip CRUTs for illiquid assets. Types of gifts covered will include "real life" examples of CRUTs funded with real estate, art, collectibles, IRAs (SECURE Act updates) and testamentary gifts.

  • Charitable Giving From Family Irrevocable Trusts

Speaker: Kirk Hoopingarner

Billions of dollars are accumulating in long term irrevocable trusts for families. This session will explore many ways to possibly tap into these trusts for impactful charitable giving by families. It will provide various examples of trust provisions which could be utilized for such charitable giving and also provide ways to educate estate planners in enhancing charitable giving from such trusts and providing more flexibility for doing so. It will also discuss ways such giving can provide tax benefits for the family.