Major Gifts

  • Five Steps to Add $1 Million to Your Major Gifts in 12 Months

Speaker: Dr. Viv Ewing

How would you like to increase your major gifts by $1 million dollars in 12 months? Increasing major gifts is a challenge that every not-for-profit faces. This session will explain strategy and practical steps for increasing your major gifts by $1 million in twelve months. This session will also address doubling your grant awards. Yes, it's daunting, yes, it is a lot of work, and yes, it is worth it! The first step is to think big and reframe your definition of a major gift. Join the session to learn the remaining four steps.

  • 13 Characteristics of High Propensity Donors

Speaker: Eddie Thompson

This presentation will describe the characteristics of individuals who are most likely to give your organization a major gift of assets. Organizations who work with high propensity donors raise more dollars for their mission than those who chase wealth. Finding someone who is rich does not mean they will give to your organization. High propensity donors love giving and are looking to give more to support missions that align with their values. Finding high propensity donors is like finding a big pot of gold! Are you looking for the right donors?

  • Using the CORE Process to Close More Major Gifts

Speaker: Robert Wahlers

Moves Management has long been considered the best practice to work your pipeline of prospects, but are you working as efficiently as you could? The CORE Process is explained and how it helps you to qualify new prospects and work through thoughtful steps that lead to major and planned gifts. Building your pipeline will also be discussed along with how to develop referrals from several sources whether you are in healthcare, higher education or another nonprofit organization

  • Five Steps for a Successful Major Gifts or Planned Giving Donor Meeting

Speaker: Karen Bisko

We will review the Five Steps to make your donor meetings more successful! These include: How to research and prepare for the meeting; How to "GET" the meeting; How to plan a "Strategy" for the meeting; and the all important how to follow up after the meeting. We will discuss what is an Intentional Donor Meeting and the Do's and Don'ts of donor meetings. This session will also include best practices to manage and steward donor relationships to keep your donors involved, engaged and committed to your organization. There will be a break out session to review specific donor scenarios and the best way to handle them.