Successful Programs

  • Capturing 7-Figure Planned Gifts in 2023 and Beyond

Speaker: Arzie Stephens

Disclosure of planned gifts is an enigma for all charities, big and small. It follows that principal planned gifts represent the unicorn. How do we capture 7-Figure planned gifts with the grace befitting this elusive gift? Accountability. Discover how a properly crafted statement of intent brings the donor to the table to form an accountability partnership that creates a greater willingness on behalf of the donor not only to disclose their transformational planned gift but actively participate in defining its use when the time comes. Learn what a good statement of intent looks like and find out the secret to unlocking deeper relationships with planned giving donors in 2023 and beyond.

  • The How of Giving — Shifting an Organizational Culture to Raise Noncash Gifts

Speaker: Jackie Franey

There has been much discussion surrounding the importance of having deliberate conversations with donors regarding giving from wealth (assets) rather than disposable income. We know that donors often lack awareness of the range of available giving vehicles and options, primarily thinking cash when making a significant gift to charity. In addition, fundraisers that are unfamiliar or hesitant to have noncash asset discussions with donors may leave it up to donors to determine how they will fund their gifts. The expertise of gift planning staff should routinely be included in donor strategy discussions across the organization when working with principal, major and planned giving donors. By leveraging the partnership and expertise of gift planning staff, opportunities can be maximized to increase funding and impact from donors with substantial capacity and move the organization's perspective to one based on raising significantly larger and more transformational gifts. This presentation will focus on using data and successful strategies to build a case for support for building an organizational focus on incorporating the how of giving noncash assets into deeper conversations with donors to secure more outright, blended, and planned gifts.

  • Brand Messaging for Colleges and Medical Centers

Speaker: Charles Schultz, Nick Todd

You are attempting to connect in winsome ways with your donors through creating a positive message with both your print and electronic media. The brand messaging that you use will greatly increase your response rate for both print and electronic media. We will explain branding for Colleges, Universities and Medical Centers and offer specific examples of nonprofits that use messaging concepts effectively in their website, eNewsletter, eBlast, social media, video and print branding. When they see your print and electronic marketing, your donors should have both recognition and likeability. You hope donors immediately say, "I know them! I like them!"

  • Rethinking Planned Giving for Greater Results

Speaker: Elizabeth Mobley

In this session, attendees will learn how to enhance their planned giving programs by rethinking their audience, their message, and their methods. By expanding the prospect pool, tailoring messaging to better suit those prospects, and engaging in a more proactive and department-wide planned giving efforts, any size shop can improve results and create a larger impact on the future of their organization. Since rethinking our own planned giving program in 2018 and partnering with Crescendo to implement a more proactive approach, we have seen sustained improvement in our planned giving outcomes. We will share data and best practices to support the changes we have implemented in Furman's program, along with the results we have seen, to demonstrate the value of a comprehensive and intentional marketing strategy for greater success in any planned giving shop.