Mastering the Fundamentals

  • How to Prepare for the Gift Annuity Wave. It's Coming. Are you Ready?

Speaker: Kristen Jaarda

With the new law permitting charitable gift annuity QCDs and higher ACGA gift annuity rates, gift annuities are increasing in popularity with donors. Make sure your organization is prepared to take advantage of the anticipated gift annuity wave. Kristen will cover topics including how to structure your gift annuity program for growth, cultivate the right donors and implement best practices for program management success. Walk away with a plan to revitalize your organization's gift annuity program and take it to the next level.

  • How the Secure Acts Impact IRA Giving

Speaker: Jamie Holzer White, Kristine Anderson

Discover giving opportunities with IRAs. This session will cover the basics on how an IRA works, IRA beneficiary options, the various types of IRA gifts, as well as the benefits donors can receive when making an IRA gift. Learn how Secure 2.0 has created new ways IRAs can be used to maximize a donor's charitable giving. We will answer your frequently asked questions on Secure 2.0 and discuss uses of rollover gifts, CGAs, CRTs and more. You will leave this session with a grasp of the basics on IRAs as well as being up to date on the latest IRA developments.

  • The RIFT Project: Eliminating Delays When Requesting IRA and Other Death Claims

Speaker: Johni Hays

Has your nonprofit experienced delays while attempting to collect IRA death proceeds when your donor has passed away? Has it taken months or years to get paid? Has your organization been required to set up an entirely separate, second account just to get your donor's estate gift? What was once a simple transaction has now turned into an onerous and laborious process — taking 1-2 years at best. Unfortunately, the financial companies have made it so very difficult by forcing the charity to open a new account and provide personal social security numbers that some charities are completely giving up on trying to get their rightful share. Do you want to know how to avoid all this? Do you want a quicker way to get paid? The good news is that the RIFT project is making great progress toward simplifying the process. Join us to learn which IRA custodians are problematic and which aren't — you'll now be able to get your donor's estate gift faster.

  • The Power of Mentorship — Over 60 Years of Lessons Learned

Speaker: Christine Pulkrabek, Shelly Rucks

With over 60 years combined experience working at nonprofit organizations we have implemented the best advice from various mentors throughout our careers. We will share how we remain focused on the donor relationship and funding priorities, balancing planned giving in a one person shop as well as serving as the content expert on a team to support blended and planned gift conversations. Some key takeaways:

  • How to balance work and life
  • The value of being authentic
  • Bringing passion and joy to your work
  • How to start the Legacy discussion with donors
  • How to work with a diverse population