Motivating Your Donors

  • Every Donor Has a Story, Ask To Hear It!

Speaker: Jon Rich

In this session we will discuss the importance of not just asking the donor questions, but the right questions! Everyone has a story, but seldom are asked to share it. This session will uncover the importance of relationship building, building trust, being seen as an important part of their planning team, and ultimately helping the donor to arrive at their own ah-has. We will discuss actual donor interactions as well as asking the right questions many times will identify in the mind of the donor why and how they can make a difference in the missions we represent.

  • Fear-Free Donor Conversations

Speaker: Maya Weil

Don't know your Flip CRUT from your QCD? Good news: you can still be a powerful fundraiser if you focus on the right things. Although the process of gift planning can be complicated, gift planning conversations don't have to be. In this interactive session, you'll learn how to advance the gift discussion by prompting donors with the best, open-ended questions, listening for clues in their answers, and responding with gift planning solutions in plain language. You will learn how to uncover and inspire legacy donors who will become the most thoughtful and dedicated donors your organization can have. Learn how to inspire donors to make the largest gifts they will ever make.

  • Personalizing Philanthropy Fosters Legacy Giving for All Seasons

Speaker: Donna Bandelloni

Philanthropy leaders are juggling many different priorities each day. For many leaders, our passion is working with donors to help facilitate gifts that will impact our organizations, but the reality is that it's difficult to find time to nurture and grow these relationships. How can we carve out time to do what attracted us to philanthropy?

In this session, we will engage the audience in discussing how to prioritize building authentic personalized relationships with donors by sharing successful and unsuccessful approaches. We will use a real case study to explore how all leaders can embrace more personalized philanthropy that fosters legacy giving when juggling the responsibilities of also leading a Foundation.

  • How to Match the Ask with the Motivation

Speaker: Matt Connell

A Planned Gift is often the most personal and meaningful way a supporter can choose to invest in your organization. In this session we will discuss strategies to effectively cultivate relationships and frame asks around a donor's unique needs and motivations. We will also share ideas on how to make a donor feel those needs are being fulfilled before a gift has been realized.